Go Houston Astros !!


Being a Texas-based and Texas focused Physician Search and Placement Firm may make us biased, but we at The Texas Recruiters are thrilled that the Houston Astros are competing in the 2017 World Series and excited that they earned the win in the second game tieing the series 1-1.

We look forward to game 3 being played in Houston where we know the Astros will have the advantage!

Just saying……!

Go Astros!



Texas Recruiters sponsor ‘the Jimmy 2’ – Sailing fundraiser

Texas has many beautiful lakes of all sizes located in all regions of Texas. In addition, Texas boasts several expansive coastal salt-water bays as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

The Texas Recruiters are excited to announce it’s official sponsorship of ‘the Jimmy 2’, a Catalina Capri 25 Sailboat. ‘the Jimmy 2’ is a 25 foot, light displacement masthead sloop designed as a racer/cruiser and has just begun racing in the Spring 2017 Race series on Lake Palestine Lake in east Texas. It is registered to compete in the 2017 Spring Fling Regatta April 29-30th. Currently ‘the Jimmy 2’ holds [...]

The Shooting Stars are Bright in Texas

Texas has a host of activities to enjoy every season, and this August is no exception.

The Perseid meteor shower, occurring from about July 17th to August 24th, will peak in the earliest hours of August 12th. The Perseid shower is one of the most spectacular meteorite showers of the year, and 2016 is no different. It is estimated that this year viewers will be able to see up to 200 shooting stars per hour, from the right location. And the right location is just what Texas has to offer.

Texas is the Right Place to Be

No matter where you are [...]

Fiesta San Antonio – Celebrating 125 Years

It’s mid April and the downtown streets are lined with celebration. San Antonio has begun one of its greatest citywide traditions, a testament of the cities heritage, culture, and values. Fiesta San Antonio, the largest festival in the city, is complete with bright colors, big smiles, live music and the smell of great Tex-Mex food as residents and tourists celebrate. And this year marks the 125th anniversary of San Antonio’s biggest Fiesta!

The Fiesta started back in the 19th Century to honor the memory of the Battle of the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto, two major battles that [...]

Why TEXAS Needs Physicians, and Why Physicians Need TEXAS

In the state where everything is said to be bigger, there’s a dire shortage of physicians. This spells major health concerns for Texas families, but also big opportunities for physicians. Medical care keeps Texans in tip-top shape to continue to make the state bigger and better.

As the 2nd most populous state, Texas recently ranked 45th in physician density in a nationwide study. Like most other things in the state, the demand for physicians is huge. Through new births and residencies, the population of Texas is growing at a breakneck pace. The mean lifespan is also increasing, and seniors in [...]

TEXAS – Land of Opportunity

Covering more than 268,000 square miles, to say Texas is big is an understatement. Everything is bigger in Texas – the homes, the football, the hats. But there’s a reason more than 26 million people call the Lone Star State home, and it’s not just because of the mouth-watering barbecue. The people of Texas know that their state is one of the most financially stable economies in the world, having sustained the Great Recession with barely more than a few bumps and bruises. Perhaps that’s why it is home to three of the top 10 fastest growing cities in America [...]

Obama’s Austin Visit to Start With Perry Meeting

by Aman Batheja, The Texas Tribune
May 9, 2013

For President Obama and Gov. Rick Perry, Thursday morning should feel familiar.

In August 2010, Perry greeted Obama as his plane landed at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport and gave him a letter urging the president to send more troops to the Texas-Mexico border.

Just after noon on Thursday, as Obama steps off Air Force One in Austin, Perry plans to be again waiting on the tarmac. This time, with a message about the economy.

“Gov. Perry simply plans to welcome the president to Texas and perhaps encourage him to implement Texas’ successful [...]

TEXAS : The Economy’s Great in the Lone Star State!

When it’s time to relocate, many locations may beckon the physician but Texas certainly holds “pride-of-place,” especially with economic concerns. Let’s take a look at the facts.

Exhibit number one: employment and job-creation statistics indicate a strong upsurge of financial recovery throughout the state of Texas. And this good news is combined with the fact that Texas was one of very few states that suffered the least during the most recent economic downturn.

Exhibit number two: not only has the state labor market regained the enviable employment levels it held before the recession began in 2008, it has done so while [...]

Why Using A Medical Recruiter Is A Step In The Right Direction

With Universities and Medical Schools graduating a new crop of medical professionals in these upcoming months, there are a large amount of hopeful medical graduates waiting eagerly to enter into their first professional career in medicine. With their eyes trained on the prize – a lucrative career spent helping patients in a variety of settings – getting there is perhaps the hardest part.

Because physician assistants are in high demand currently, there are many great opportunities available for PA’s to choose from. While clicking away on the internet and sending resume after resume blindly to available advertisements may seem the [...]

Defining Your Career Path: Nurse Practitioner Jobs Texas

For anyone looking for a position within the healthcare field which will offer them job stability, a great paycheck, and the ability to feel good about the type of work they are doing, a career as a nurse practitioner would most likely be a great fit for that individual. There are great opportunities in this field of practice and Nurse practitioner jobs in Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio and other markets around Texas are plentiful. This career path offers great pay, challenging and exciting work and a great deal of responsibility.

Before entering the field of nurse practitioner hands-on, the [...]